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Sassy Icons

Icons & Fandom Art by Lena & QM

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This is a shared icon journal/community for lenabee and queenmaab. If you use any of the icons from this journal, please leave a comment and give credit in your keywords (credit the maker, please, not just the community). This is only a community to make posting easy for us, no one else will have posting access, so please don't ask.

Icon Resources:
Brushes/Textures by:
__kali__ | _joni | brokenicon | buffyx | cj_brushes | claudia913 | drave | eightyfour__ | kurogane | glamoury | oh_pants | hermintage | inxsomniax | iroka | magdalensicons | quebelly | saava | teh_indy | tihana | ofthesky.net

screencaps from:
farscape: farscape-caps.com farscape-tv.com
buffyverse: freeze frame a buffy screencap site cappiness.net
firefly: can't take the sky
gilmore girls: luminary quintessence intense (rory/logan)
veronica mars: neptune high
harry potter: bludgeon this inside the cupboard
sex and the city: missandrony/satc.deconstructing.net
lord of the rings: annon nan galadh
numb3rs: numb3rs screencaps