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31 Bridgit Mendler PB icons

icons this way...Collapse )

→ Comment. Credit. Share.

49 Harry Potter Character Icons

Featuring artwork by the lovely Sheena. Please credit her for the art if you use any of these icons.

49 Harry Potter Character IconsCollapse )

fairy icons

i'm finally able to upload to my server! yay! poor amezri was going crazy over it! but we're all fixed now. yay!

so, i wanted to just throw up some icons that i was playing with the other night. they're nothing special, but i really loved the artwork of the fairies from here. :)

i'm a fairy!Collapse )


Vanessa Lengies Icons

Made these for my own personal use tonight, and I though maybe I'd share. :D


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- comment if you take, please
- credit when you use these

mood themes

i've been pretty absent from LJ life, but i have gotten a few things on my to-do list done. #1 being my website is finally uploaded with some stuff! whoohoo! also, i have finished a Harry Potter costume mood theme (similar to the Star Wars costume mood theme).

my new website and url: purple majestic

the mood theme - different set (frame) for dark backgrounds and one for light backgrounds

download zip file:hp_black

download zip file:hp_gold

pictures from leaky cauldron and veritaserum

even if you don't take them, but view them. let me know what you think...


Star Wars costume mood themes

things go in cycles...and right now my cycle is mood themes! i'm posting the one i'm currently using, as well as a version for light or white backgrounds. it's a mood theme of Star Wars costumes/characters. i'm obsessed with costuming, and Queen Amidala has some of the best...i tried to reflect the clothing/person to the moods...anyway, any comments would be love, since i've worked quite hard on them. rules are simple: want/take/have/comment/credit

download the zip files here: black zip file and gold zip file
zip files include txt file with mood codes.

pictures from SWFFAQ, like mother, like daughter, padawansguide.com and random google images (only 1 or 2)


So these graphics were pretty much all made for RP stuff, but I'm putting them up for sharing since it's been ages since I posted icons :D

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Taking Requests!

Hey all! I'm trying to get back into the swing of making pretty things, so I'm taking some requests. Just toss me a link in the comments to any images you'd like used, what text you want (if any) and if you have a preference for things like specific fonts, colorings, etc.

Also, icons made will be sharable unless specifically requested to be otherwise.


to keep my hand in...

haven't made icons in ages, but had the urge the other night. results:

Alice in Wonderland

Book Covers/Vintage Art

Celebrities (K. Knightly and V. Leigh)

Movies (Boondock Saints and Brothers Grimm)

good, bad or indifferent, feedback is welcome. same rules as always if you want. want/take/comment/credit...

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