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Aug. 20th, 2006

I feel like making pretty things.


Icon Requests.

Comment with at least one image. If you want text, tell me what it should say.

Any fandom. Non fandomy stuff is okay, too. Larger graphics may be considered if you ask nicely and provide me with large high quality images to use :D

GO HERE to make your request(s), please :)

(x-posted a few places)

Multi-Fandom Post

it's been a long time since i've made icons - but here are a few that i wanted to share. usual rules. want/take/have/comment/credit.



Read more...Collapse )

Multifandom Contest Icons

So some of these were for fandoms I'm not even in, for various contests and things. Apologies if I've posted any of them before, I'm just posting from the contests folder on my Photobucket.

assorted multi-fandom iconsCollapse )

As always, everything is shareable, but I appreciate a comment letting me know and some credit in your keywords for making the icon ;) Got an icon request? Just leave a comment here.

38 Multi-Fandom Icons + Some Headers/BannersCollapse )

x Click the thumbnails on the banners to see them full-sized
x Textures/Stock Images/Brushes/Etc. by colorfilter, hermintage, inxsomniax, and ofthesky.net
x please comment if you're taking any and credit when you use them

Tritan & Isolde

A Tristan & Isolde banner, FO & default icon for sharing...
+ want/take/have/comment/credit
+ teaser:

Seing you with him makes me sicker and sicker...Collapse )

PS lenabee:i've used a different server here - amethyst wouldn't work. :(

OT Pimping is fun.

Why, yes, I am abusing mod-privledges to pimp my own community :P

Because I can....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
|| Not Your Average Sorting Community ||

You should all totally join, because I'm, like, in charge and stuff. It's a done of fun and we've got some awesome activities and things planned. We're starting to get into some good plot stuff at the RPG and we have one of the best sorting applications in existence, I think. So what are you waiting for? Hop on over and fill out an application and tell them I sent you :)

a new mood theme

Finally! I've finished it - my new Jayne Cobb Cunning Hat mood theme! I've drawn this up for my own use, but I am quite willing to share. I did not make one for each and every mood (I find myself barely using most of them, so why bother?). I hope someone else finds them as amusing as me...


bases by Kristyn Dawn

zip file below cutCollapse )
Comments are like crack - give a starving artist her crack! ;)


assorted icons, mostly hp-ish

Mostly Harry Potter, a few Buffyverse, Veronica Mars, etc.

56 icons, mostly HPCollapse )

as usual, comment and credit if you take any, nominations are perfectly fine :)

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